An Easy Way to Become the MacGyver of Search Traffic

There has to be a way that you can quickly increase your search traffic, right? Well, there is.

Today, I’m going share an easy tip on how to increase your search traffic by over 50% in 30 days.

You may be asking, how can you get such a big drastic increase?

Do you have to build more links? No.
Are we expecting a change in the Google algorithm? No.

All this can happen with one simple change on your website. So, what is this change?

URL structure

If URL structure on your website is , it is is very inefficient. Google will look at that URL structure and be like, “Hmmm, this webpage must be related to the date because the date was ahead of the blog title or the page title in the URL structure.”

You see, Google looks at the URL structure as a hierarchy. If you’re using a hierarchy like the one above, it is very inaccurate because a year from now, some of your blog posts may still be relevant.

So, your blog post should be or This one simple will make Google realise that your blog posts aren’t related to the specific a date and your search traffic will go up drastically.

Now, if you’re going to do this change to your website, because a lot of WordPress blogs have dates in their URL, there’s a few things you need to know.

1. 301 direct
The first thing is that you can’t just change your URL structure. You have to take all your old URLs and 301 redirect them to your new URLs.

2. Internal Links
The second thing you need to do is change all the internal links you have on your website. Change them from the old way, which had the dates, to the new way without the dates.

The way you want to structure your website is all your blog posts should be under your domain or under the blog URL structure. All of your other pages should be under whatever structure is most related to them.

You know what the funny thing is? Everyone told me the more links you build, the better off you are. I kept building links over the years, but this one change increased my clients search traffic more than anything else.

In conclusion, by doing this one simple change to your URL structure, you should get more search traffic. How much as your search traffic increased in the last 30 days?

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