How Conversion Rate Optimisation beats Maple Syrup on Pancakes

You have traffic coming to your website but why isn’t anyone buying? Well, the solution is conversion rate optimisation.

You’ve heard about it but how do you do it? Today, I’m going to share you how to get started with conversion rate optimisation.

Now a lot of people say that you need a look at your analytics first. Whether it’s Google Analytics or looking at your marketing funnel to see if people are going from your homepage to your next page to your last page to your checkout page etc and see where they drop off.

You could do that but before you get started with conversion rate optimization, you need to know what to fix or what to change or even test on your page to maximize your conversions and sales.

1. Surveys on your Website

So the way you want to do this this first, is  get started is to start off with qualitative data. What qualitative data is, is feedback from individuals. Analytics like Google Analytics will all you show you so much but you need feedback from people to figure out why they’re not buying.

When people are coming to your website, why are they leaving? You can get this information by popping up a survey. So you can use either Qualaroo or Survey Monkey.

I recommend that you first get started with Qualaroo. What you can do is when someone’s on your webpage for more than 30 or 40 seconds or a minute you can ask them a question.

When you get that feedback you’ll notice that you’ll get maybe 30, 40, 50 responses over time. Now the first few responses may give you idea of what you need to change but you don’t want to make any decisions based off one or two responses.

You want to analyse the responses in quantity. So once you have 30 plus feedbacks survey responses you can then take that data and look at the common objections.

If the objection is, hey we’re not buying from your ecommerce site because you don’t offer free shipping and then you know that hey maybe I should test free shipping. If you can’t afford to give away free shipping maybe what you can do is increase the price of your product and offer free shipping. See if that helps boost your conversion rates.

2. Heatmap

Now the next thing you need to do which is the second step is install something called Crazy Egg. Crazy Egg is a heatmap analytics software and it visualizes how people engage on your website.

It shows you the mouse recordings of where they’re going, it shows you heat maps of where people are clicking on. Sometimes they click on dead links or images that aren’t clickable or sometimes they’re not scrolling further down enough on your web pages.

If your call to actions are at the very bottom and people aren’t scrolling there you’re not going to make any sales. But crazy egg which show you all of that.

So once you take the qualitative survey data and combine it with the data that you’re seeing from crazy egg and you can see what issues people may have from there.

3. A/B Test

You now have ideas on what you could potentially test and improve on. You can use tools like Crazy Egg or Optimizely to run your test. The key is to run tests based off of data. Show one set of clients your original page and another your improved page. See which gets better results and ultimately makes you more money.

So in conclusion, do a survey on your website, use a heatmap and run A/B tests. It’s that simple.

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