Why Sliders are Superb

You see websites all over the web using sliders. It’s a less aggressive version of a pop-up. In this article, I’m going to answer the question, are sliders superb? The short answer is yes.

The reason you see them is because they work. If they weren’t working you wouldn’t see them all over the web now.

Now a few tips on sliders:

1. Relevance

The thing with sliders are if it’s not relevant to the page that they’re on, it won’t do well. So the first thing you need to know is if you’re going to leverage them make them relevant. For example, if you’re on bodybuilding.com and you’re shopping for different types of protein, you wouldn’t be too pleased to see a vegan green supplement slider, would you?

Make them relevant, keeping the message really clean and simple. You’re driving people from that slider to the appropriate landing page that can convert visitors into customers. If you drive them to another page that’s not relevant it won’t do well.

2. Sliders work with other elements

11 The second thing to know is sliders work well along with other elements. So pop-ups, modal windows, exit takeovers… These are all things including sliders that you can do for free within hellobar.com

When you use all of these elements, you’ll notice that they’ll cannibalise each other. So if your slider added let’s say an extra 5% in conversion increase. Then you added a pop-up which also increase your conversions by another 5%. Next you add an alarm bell, which you can also do through hellobar.com and that may give you a 5% increase.

When you combine them all, you won’t really see a 15% increase but you may see a 12% increase. That 12% increase is still better than what you were before you used the slider.

To conclude, should you use them? Of course you should. Make them relevant and use them with your other elements. What are the best sliders you’ve created so far?

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