What to do when your Google Ranking Drops?

You know what’s better than ranking high on Google? It’s keeping those top spots. Sadly, you’re going to lose them. It’s not a question of if you’re going to lose them, the real question is when are you going to lose them. In this article, I’m going to teach you what you ought to do when your Google ranking drops.

Everyone experiences this. I’ve been at SEO for roughly 8 years now and I can tell you, I don’t care if you’re an SEO God, your rankings are going to drop. It’s just a question of when and how much are they going to drop by.

Google doesn’t want to rank old stale content. They want to rank the best of the best. So, continually be on top of your game.

Here’s what you can do when your Google rankings drop:

1. Google Search Console

The first thing you need to do when your rankings drop is figure out which pages are dropping. You want to go into your Google search console and look to see which pages are climbing in rank and decreasing in rank.

Google search console shows you the average position for each of your keywords and phrases. They also show you the average position for any page that you’re trying to rank if you see the graph going up you’re doing well.

If the graph is flat or going down especially if it’s going down you may have to do some work. Look at the top sites that rank for those phrases. Look at their content. What’s different about their content versus your content.

2. Update your content

In this step, you want to go and redo your page. Include all the right keywords and phrases. Make it better than the competition’s. Make it more thorough.

Once you figure out what’s different, chances are, your competitor’s content contains better keywords; use those keywords.

Don’t forget to use Google search console to show you all of your keywords that are related to that page that’s already ranking. The most important thing is to continue update and adjust your pages so that way you can climb back into the rankings.

3. Cross check your Title Tag and Meta Description

The next step is to make sure your Title Tag and your Meta Description also contains a keyword that you want to rank for. When you update that, you want to submit that URL to Google search console once again. Once submitted, it’ll index the page.

To conclude, check your pages on Google search console, have a peek at your competitors pages and update your content and meta tags. Within a week to a month of following these steps, your ranking should start climbing back and you’ll start doing better. So, when was the last time you updated your content?

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