Who Else Wants More Website Traffic?

Do you know what the easiest way to get more search traffic is? It’s not by writing more content. It’s actually by expanding to a multi-lingual audience. Let’s take the city I live in right now, New York. It’s a melting pot. Thousands of people from many different ethnicities. There’s languages like Russian, Mandarin, Spanish,…

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Doing Tier 2 Backlinks the Right Way

What’s one of the best ways to grow your search engine ranking? It’s by building backlinks. You already know that. Everyone already knows that. But you know what? It’s not just about how many backlinks are pointing to your website. It’s also about tier 2 backlinks. In this article I’m going to show you how…

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Here Come New Ideas for an Improved Alexa Rank

Do you want to have one of the most popular sites on the web? Well who doesn’t? There’s a site out there called It’s actually owned by Amazon and it’s different from the Alexa that you’re familiar with. You can’t tell this Alexa, “Alexa please order me a pizza.” That’s a little automated robot…

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Why Domain Authority is hotter than Jennifer Lawrence

You’ve heard of Google PageRank and you’ve heard of Domain Authority. If you want to grow your search engine rankings, which one should you be focusing on? In this article, you will find out why Domain Authority is more important than Google PageRank. Google PageRank is a number from zero to ten. The algorithm for…

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Content Engagement in 3 easy steps

You write all of this amazing content but how do you know people are really reading it? Well, the real way to know that people read it and enjoy your content is if they engage and leave a comment. In this article, I’m going to share 3 easy steps on how you can get more…

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Why Good Time On Site is More Tempting than a Cinnabon

You look at your Google Analytics. You notice that you get traffic. A portion of them stay on your website for a long period of time and they may even buy your product or service, but most your visitors are staying on your website for less than ten seconds. Slightly disappointing. Today, I’m going to…

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